Thursday, 4 January 2007

Many thanks

Sometime ago, someone, somewhere, bought Kate and I a bottle of Penfolds Bin 28 Shiraz Cabernet. Last night we drunk about half of it, and it was lovely. Many thanks.

In other news, the cold that I am currently playing host to is perhaps the most persistant I have ever had. Kate and I were ill on the 27th December, for goodness sake! It should be gone by now.

That is all.


adam said...

god, you self-important wanker. Do you really think The People want to know what kind of wine you are drinking, what is ailing you, or the drapes that you and kate picked out together last week?

why didn't you just tell us about the shit you took yesterday. I hear it was ochrish brown in color sprinkled with white corn circa December 2006 and had the bouquet of emergining cholera.

I know you are better than this brother

adam said...

Emerging Cholera. Sorry, my rage prohibited me from double checking my spelling

Silk said...

Hey brother, I've been off the smack for weeks now.

I see the Eagles lost. Damm. Always next year.

Wendi said...

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