Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Working for the man


In Bangkok at IPCC Working Group 3 meeting to finalise the third volume of the 4th Assessment report (Full WG1 report and WG2 summary are already out). It's 12:40am and we are still arguing about content. Due to close at 2am. We won't finish the report tonight. In fact, I don't imagine we won't get much, if any, sleep tomorrow. Discussions expand to fill the space available to them, and we don't have to finish until Friday morning.

Bangkok is a cool city. I have met all 13 million citizens yet and I've only seen a small fraction of the city (and I doubt I'll see much more, stuck in this conference hall as I am) but I'd say it's pretty good. Lots of Buddas.

Don't ask me how I fell into the boat.

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