Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Back from Holiday

the thing that bugs me is this : Why didn't Hamlet just kill his Uncle at the first opportunity?

Friday, 17 August 2007

Edinburgh Festival Picks

In reverse order

The Gently Progressive Behemoth. Witty micro-sketches. Or something. (I got on stage!)
Eurobeat. Brilliant Eurovision parody, worth it for 'Iceland' alone.
A Beginners Guide to German Humour. Very funny indeed.

Simon Munnery was patchy, Andrew O'Neall a bit better and I really didn't get the Turing Test Opera, though Kate liked it. I think anyone interested in neurolinguistics would find it hard to resist screaming out "That isn't how you program an AI!" or something similar.

1 and a half days isn't enough to enjoy it all really. Indeed, I don't imagine a month is long enough. Definitely doing back next year.

August it is


Midst holiday. It's a Fife-Edinburgh-Suffolk spectacular, with a very brief interlude in London to pick up fresh supplies, and fresh pants. Which is where you find me.

It's a beautiful day. A mixture of cumulus and cirrus in the sky (courtesy of "The Cloudspotter's Guide"). A grand day to head out to the Countryside and drink Gin, which is exactly what I'm doing in an hour's time. Huzzah.

As for Scotland, well, Kate and I cannot recommend the East Neuk of Fife highly enough. A wonderful, beautiful, spectacular coastline with enough fresh fish to keep you in Omega-3 for a decade.