Sunday, 24 February 2008

Film : Be kind, rewind

Kate and I went to see this last night. While Kate enjoyed it, I don't think she got the feeling of absolute delight that I took from it. I haven't enjoyed a film so much in a long time.

On one level, its about the ancient and noble art of sweding, some results of which have been put on YouTube.

But, in my humble role as film reviewer, I found the film to be about much more than Jack Black's comedy efforts to reproduce Ghostbusters and RoboCop. It's a movie about Jazz, Fats Waller, New Jersey and community.

I don't know if that makes you want to see it, but you should. It's lovely.

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Anonymous said...

Terry Gross on NPR (US) did a story on Be Kind, Rewind that I heard Friday night. Sounds good. But I have no time for movies.

Glad to see your blog is somewhat updated.

Hope all is well!