Sunday, 14 December 2008

Not in Poland any more

It's just as cold, damp and misty here.

(At heart I'm just an Englishman, and devoid of anything else to say I retreat to the weather)

Hang on ... I'm sure I had something stored up from a quiet minute in Plenary the other day. It's around here somewhere ...

Here you go. Try this for size.

10th December 2008. Pulp first played 'Disco 2000' live in 1995 (I think). That was 13 years ago. How can that have been 13 years ago?

In Poznan at the Conference of the parties to the UNFCCC. Deathly dull. Got my agenda items agreed and waiting for plenary to kick off so we can close this shit down. Outside possibility of a surprise in plenary, that is. I'm listening to the SBI Chairman with one ear and Led Zep "How the West was won" with t'other.

The sad thing is that we have spent the whole time discussing complete non-issues. Until midnight last night. Just picking over the bones of who did what ten years ago. There has been some limited discussion on the future deal (to be agreed at Copenhagen a year from now) but parties are largely staying in their cages and refusing to come out until Obama arrives. So we are ... waiting.

Kate is here. She has a side event. Sadly it's at 19:30 on the last day (Friday) so there may not be all that many in the audience. Still, I'll be there.

Hmmm. No progress on agenda item 4(a) or anything on 1/CP.10. As usual. Cook Islands aren't happy with that.

Poland is large and flat. I've had some of the worst professionally prepared food in my life, and some very nice duck. It hasn't snowed yet, which is a shame. They've had snow in Albuquerque you know.

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