Saturday, 10 October 2009

The worst of times, the best of times

Osteopathy is remarkable. I never realised that by freeing the nerves in my neck (with a most alarming crunching sound) the osteopath (Torben) would improve the strength in my forearms. All to do with pressure on nerves, apparantly. The signals don't reach your arms, which reduces your strength.

I found myself being manipulated at the end of an awful 48 hours. The sort of thing you see in the first 5 minutes of a film, whereupon the protaconist will then either have some sort of life affirming recovery and end up married to Jennifer Aniston, or else go postal and kill a lot of people with an increasingly improbable array of hardware. Depends on your taste in films, really.

Spending 2 weeks in Bangkok I didn't sleep properly, found out I failed to get a promotion, which effectively means I'll get demoted shortly, strained a muscle in my neck in an extremely painful way, and, on the way home, threw up repeatedly on the 'plane due to a dodgy burger. Oh, and the negotations were hardly a success. Meanwhile Kate threw her back out in such a way that she can't put socks on.

Which is how we found ourselves at the osteopath. And it was truly remarkable. I feel inches taller (and somewhat poorer!)

Back in London. Spine feels better. Sun is shining. Decent nights sleep. Everything seems a lot lot better.