Thursday, 26 November 2009

The dream

In 8 days time, I'll be in Copenhagen, working for the UK government as a negotiator, at the most important climate negotiations ... ever? Well, so far.

Right now, this means that I'm sitting at my desk at 19:14 with no sign of going home any time soon, and I never see Kate (who will also be at the negotiations and is also working late) and I'm stressed and tired and grumpy.

But, in the long game, if you'd asked me 5 years ago what my dream job would be, it would probably be this. So there you go.

Monday, 23 November 2009

Following on from an earlier conversation (in the real world)

10 Albums from the last decade better than "Is this it" by The Strokes.

  1. "Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots" - The Flaming Lips
  2. "The Decline of British Sea Power" - British Sea Power
  3. "Elephant" - The White Stripes
  4. "Rings Around the World" - SFA
  5. "Through the windowpane" - Guillemots
  6. "Fleet Foxes" - Fleet Foxes
  7. "Dig!!! Lazarus Dig!!!" - Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
  8. "Stories from the city, Stories from the sea" - PJ Harvey
  9. "Back to Black" - Amy Winehouse
  10. "The Magic Numbers" - The Magic Numbers
and I didn't even have to mention Franz Ferdinand...