Monday, 21 December 2009



Not ready to do a digest on Copenhagen yet. Need distance. That's probably just about as precious as it sounds.

But it's very nice to be back in the real world. Very nice indeed. We did a lovely, dull real world thing, together today. Kate & I fixed our computer.

This involved some complicated(ish) stuff. We opened the command prompt (the older readers may remember MS DOS) and played with 'debug' (which was new to me).

This person suggested we "d C000:0010" which led to us discovering that our video controller was the good old Intel 915G/915GV/910GL chipset. Having obtained the appropriate drivers our new monitor now displays 1440 x 900 resolution, with the added benefit that DVDs now run smoothly.

Next up, the decorating. If we manage to get that done before the East London line reopens we will both be very happy.

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