Saturday, 19 December 2009

Ghost town


Well, said Sam, I'm back.

I left the Bella Centre at around 1800 last night, content that negotiations would go long into the night, but that I wouldn't be needed in the slightest. Technology is hardly going to be the deal breaker. And so it proved.

I'll give you an overview of what, if anything, this conference has achieved when it has actually finished. And when a bit of time has allowed me to put things in perspective.

Right now I'm sitting in a virtually abandoned conference centre that looks a bit like the day after Glastonbury, but with less mud and more weirdos. The UK delegation room is locked. Where is everyone?

Locked in a plenary hall, the decision makers are unable to make a decision. I can't get in there, so I'm going to wander around like a tramp and see if I can find some colleagues, or slouch back to my hotel and check out.

Thanks to Kate, for writing a blog that actually looked like a blog. Normal service resumed next week.

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