Sunday, 6 December 2009

Hello, this is Kate. I'm with James at Copenhagen (I am co-ordinating the activities of the NGO I work for, which is an official observer to the talks) and since he's not allowed to talk about what's going on I thought I might offer the odd update for interested parties. He has been in meetings all day (UK, EU, EU + others) whereas I have been setting up my organisation's exhibit stand and discovering that all our boxes of brochures are missing in the aether somewhere. Judging by the number of people already in the conference venue today, the official opening tomorrow is going to be carnage with registration queues half way to Sweden. NGO passes are likely to be rationed on a ticketing system where we get less than our total number of delegates, which is going to be quite interesting to co-ordinate (and alas this is my job) as you can bet that the people holding the tickets on any given day will go awol or drop them in a Danish puddle somewhere so that they can't be used by the next people on the next day. The venue holds 15,000 and apparently there are 27,000 who want to get on the list and can't. There are more press than government officials. Etc. James says, "It appears that no-one whatsoever knows what is going to happen."

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Anonymous said...

Yes please! Updates are good.

So are Danish Christmas decorations, if you need to do your Christmas shopping and have any free time to do it. (I mention in faintest hope of being helpful. Just sort the world out for us first, though, please.)