Thursday, 10 December 2009

It's all a bit quiet here, Connie Hedegaard (Danish Climate & Energy Minister) just had to shut down one of the main negotiating sessions because consensus was proving impossible. I saw her do this on the TV screens but had not been watching the entire session, however I think the cause was the same issue that shut down talks yesterday. Tuvalu + others and Saudi Arabia + others are having a bust-up over whether it is better to continue the Kyoto Protocol beyond 2012 or write a new treaty. Usually the G77 (i.e. developing) countries negotiate in one bloc, this split is an interesting development with lots of pros and cons for the prospects of getting a deal.

The Bella Center is virtually at capacity now. The proposed access restrictions are likely to start soon, apparently each NGO is likely to each get tickets to cover 30% of its delegation. While this is not music to my ears I expect it is a bit of a relief to the government delegates, they will be tripping over a few less youth and polar bears on the way to their meetings. One of the UNFCCC Secretariat staff said to me on Tuesday as we walked through the NGO exhibit area, "it's getting like a street market in Bangkok".

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