Sunday, 10 January 2010

More notes




Wet - Lamb + Flag

(circled) Henry


Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese

Fleet St, London

Pokey, multi-roomed Sam Smiths Drinking Hole. Worth A Visit @ £.170 a Pint. HEFE-WEISSE Nice Too. Feels Old.

Hot, cold food, sandwiches, tourists and businessmen but not unpleasant. Lack of lighting adds to atmosphere.


Neutral ground


Greant Orth Road
(This one is definitely Colin)

Sawtry, Batry, Dry Doddington

Are all perhaps present in Long Beddington

I fell asleep in Long Framlington
I drooled in Darrington and Womersley
I came off at Alconbury
I woke up at Tyringhame

[They long for us in Longformans
They do nothing in Cockburnspath]


Florence, Urbino, Bologna?


Loo roll
Coat hangers


(the following my surely be my reaction to the opening session of COP 13 in Bali, 2007. The previous pages date back to 2005, so this is a big jump forward)

Mein Gott. Miming Indonesia pop stars and starletts. Whatever next? I can't imagine Hear'say introducing COP London.

Bali sand
(?) 20,000t CO2 this year. 9144 delegates + goodness knows how many press and hangers on have flown here.

I need to do the math to calculate the CO2 emissions from their flights alone.


(some notes about the UNFCCC Clean Development Mechanism here, the notes on mitigation policy. This is Oxford 2008 I think)


The floor in the lift of this hotel is tiled. The walls are carpeted.

@ dinner last night two white terrires, one with a pink bow, yapped at me while I the down half-heartedly shooed the[m] away.




Anonymous said...

Why am I circled?

Silk said...

I am not sure. This dates back to planning to DougSoc reunion (which reminds me, we are due one this summer). I think, perhaps, we had you down to do some particular activity or other, but that's pure speculation.