Saturday, 6 March 2010

Albums you don't own, Episode 2 : Super Furry Animals "Rings around the world"

Certain records are, to me, evocative of a certain time and place. I suspect they evoke feelings of a different time and place in you. I mean, if we all got the feeling of my slightly damp student room in Jericho when we listened to "Bosanova" by Pixies, it would be weird.

It turns out, as I stick on SFA's "Rings around the world" that it evokes the feeling of living in Philadelphia. After some consideration I have come to the conclusion that this is because I bought it while living in Philadelphia. And listened to it in Philadelphia. And saw SFA on tour, playing music from the album, in Philadelphia. That, as they say, would be it then.

It's a stonking album, the Furreez strongest, I think (though I haven't yet heard Mwng). Lacking the descriptive talents of music journalists, I can only state that while the album doesn't have (to me) any tracks that stand out individually, the construct is a marvelous, symphonic marvel. It's quite unlike anything else in my record collection, and I think it's interesting that while Indie and Britpop seemed to have reached a dead-end by 2001, SFA came out with something completely from leftfield that left everyone else looking confused. And the videos were great too.

If ya don't have it, buy it. Or at least borrow my copy.


jps said...

RATW and Phantom Power are definitely the strongest. They've each got a really coherent vibe to them, with (broadly) RATW being about city living and Phantom Power about the countryside.

RATW is dynamic and powerful, all pistons and communications and politics and genocide, whereas Phantom Power is about nature and creeping things and what you forget about, the strength of the slow, the mutable but ultimately immovable.

I like RATW's poppiness, but there's something grisly satisfying to be discovered deep in the sinister undergrowth of PP. It's like watching the world of RATW being taken over by plants and animals, experiencing the vertigo of a thousand-year timelapse montage that renders everything we do here and now ultimately pathetic.

(Will this do?)

Silk said...

Yeah. He's some coke and free tickets to see Kasabian play their 'homecoming' gig in Leicester.

Lucky you.