Sunday, 6 June 2010

Her Majesty

A bit late, but what does that matter, eh?

Friday 28th May was The Queen's Birthday, and as a pampered and over-paid public servant, I, along with my colleagues across Whitehall, got the day off.

But the day was no holiday. Oh no. I am proud to announce that I achieved the following

  • Got paint mixed. Can now paint bedrooms and lounge. Didn't actually paint but it's a start
  • Got some wood delivered. Can now mend outside step. Didn't actually mend step but you get the picture
  • Had a plumber round to discuss replacing the boiler. He didn't actually replace the boiler
  • Took the dry-cleaning in. Hopefully the dry-cleaner is more focused on delivery than I am
  • Bought a Network Railcard. 33% of most journeys!
  • Went to Cambridge and got pissed at Beer festival. Now that is what I call achieving your objectives.

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