Thursday, 29 July 2010

2050 pathway : How to decarbonise the UK

I've been playing with the DECC tool (I can do this at work because it's my job). I have decarbonised the UK. Can you?

2050 pathway

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Brilliant article

One characterisation of the theory of man-made climate change is that scientists observed some warming, and decided to blame CO2 (probably because said scientists were Commies, or Nazis, or both or something)

This is balls.

What happened.
  • Long before any significant warming was observed, some scientists suggested that we would observe warming, and that this would be driven by CO2.
  • We saw warming, just like they predicted

I would suggest that if a scientist tells you you've got a problem, and then the data validates his claims, you should probably do something about it.

This excellent article sets out how warming was predicted back in 1975 (and 1965).

Monday, 26 July 2010


BPL has some very good articles on the science of Climate Change.

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Climate Change


I'm doing some thinking on how to present the outcome of last year's Copenhagen Conference. Particularly timely, given news.

If you are interested in this, let me know and I'll send you an email.

Fighting fit

CRB and I are off cycling in the Dales in a few weeks, and his calves are bigger than mine. This poses a bit of a problem for hills. In need to do some exercise.

Gym? No thanks. Running? Hurts my knees. Steroids? Too expensive.

We made our own amusement back in the 90s, and by golly we don't need no new fangled techniques to get fit. Just willpower (sadly lacking) and three good meals a day (a cheese and onion pasty counts as one of these).

So I've filled my panniers with 7.5 litres of paint (in a tin, bozo!) and am cycling (or wobbling) all over London, building up Tour de France style stamina.

If you see a crushed bicycle lying in a massive pool of pale blue paint, that will be me.

Friday, 16 July 2010


Off to Uncle Dick's Jazz Picnic on the Isle of Wight tomorrow. This is not a euphemism.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010


Rich Hall says that if you got into the music of Johnny Cash or Ray Charles because you enjoyed "Walk the line" or "Ray" you are ... well, let's just say it wasn't complimentary.

He also suggests that Jamie Foxx got an Oscar(TM) for his portrayal of Charles, and Joachim Phoenix only got nominated for an Oscar(TM) for his portrayal of Cash ... well, he wasn't entirely complimentary there, either.

Indeed, he suggests that Hollywood greatly simplifies the lives of individuals and reduces them to a series of snapshots that are completely unrealistic, and two dimensional.

I can't comment on that, since no one has written my biopic. However, I understand (based on a recent ante-natal class) that Hollywood, or indeed television, depictions of birth are utter bollocks. You do not give birth lying on your back, nor are you surrounded (usually) by medics in face masks, nor does the mother get handed a six month old looking baby nor does her make-up stay in place.

I'll be able to give you a more accurate description in a few months time, but it seems to involve a fair degree of squatting, or crawling on all fours, and (if all goes well) less medical intervention than you might imagine. And less make-up, too.

Sunday, 11 July 2010

It gets better

M requested photos. We cannot refused requests.

One the left, you can see our living room wall, repainted 'DH Red'. I think the blue painting (something I picked up in Ghana at the negotiations in 2008) works quite well.

Not much else to say really. It's a wall. We painted it red.

Below you can see a step, which is blue. We call it the 'blue step'. The white blobs need painting over, but other than that it's finished. Rebuilt from scratch. Solid as a solid-thing, rather than rotten to the core (the previous incarnation had passed its use-by date).

"So what", you say. "It's just a bloomin' step!". Well, yes, and no. On the one hand, a step it is. On the other hand, take the lid off and it's a storage space! Incredible.

Sunday, 4 July 2010

You need to know this


Short DIY update. Painted one wall of the living room "DH Red". So 2/3rds of the way there now.

Meanwhile, over in the spare room, we're pretty much done. Gloss applied, radiator painted, walls finished and the fiddly join between the ceiling/walls done to the best of our ability. So don't look up.

Outside, I've painted the veranda, blueish.

Next week, the plumber visits on Thursday and we replace the wooden steps at the weekend. Watch this space!