Tuesday, 13 July 2010


Rich Hall says that if you got into the music of Johnny Cash or Ray Charles because you enjoyed "Walk the line" or "Ray" you are ... well, let's just say it wasn't complimentary.

He also suggests that Jamie Foxx got an Oscar(TM) for his portrayal of Charles, and Joachim Phoenix only got nominated for an Oscar(TM) for his portrayal of Cash ... well, he wasn't entirely complimentary there, either.

Indeed, he suggests that Hollywood greatly simplifies the lives of individuals and reduces them to a series of snapshots that are completely unrealistic, and two dimensional.

I can't comment on that, since no one has written my biopic. However, I understand (based on a recent ante-natal class) that Hollywood, or indeed television, depictions of birth are utter bollocks. You do not give birth lying on your back, nor are you surrounded (usually) by medics in face masks, nor does the mother get handed a six month old looking baby nor does her make-up stay in place.

I'll be able to give you a more accurate description in a few months time, but it seems to involve a fair degree of squatting, or crawling on all fours, and (if all goes well) less medical intervention than you might imagine. And less make-up, too.


M said...

Gotta love "and less make-up too." Made me laugh out loud. I think my grad student thinks I'm crazy - we are currently sharing an office, so she heard me laugh.

Anonymous said...
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