Sunday, 11 July 2010

It gets better

M requested photos. We cannot refused requests.

One the left, you can see our living room wall, repainted 'DH Red'. I think the blue painting (something I picked up in Ghana at the negotiations in 2008) works quite well.

Not much else to say really. It's a wall. We painted it red.

Below you can see a step, which is blue. We call it the 'blue step'. The white blobs need painting over, but other than that it's finished. Rebuilt from scratch. Solid as a solid-thing, rather than rotten to the core (the previous incarnation had passed its use-by date).

"So what", you say. "It's just a bloomin' step!". Well, yes, and no. On the one hand, a step it is. On the other hand, take the lid off and it's a storage space! Incredible.

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and thanks for the photos!