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Last days of the Dales


On the Wednesday we headed to Richmond. As you can see, we saw some odd sights along the way.

We aren't sure what it changed into, but we are sure that the whole thing went off without an argument. Did you know Bill Bryson used to be a journalist in Yorkshire? I wonder if he ever came up with a headline as good as this one?

Richmond is a very beautiful market town in North Yorks, famous mainly for the Geography Field Trip I took there when I was 16. As I recall, I spend an afternoon asking locals if they would like a railway station. They said they would (the railway station having closed in 1969) but sadly, for them, British Rail (it's not called that any more, technically I mean "National Rail") have not seen fit to relay the tracks. So if you want to get to Richmond, you have to take the bus. Or cycle.

Richmond Market Square is a remarkable place. Aside from the Green Howards Regimental Museum I spotted no fewer than many pubs and hotel bars on the market square itself. I mean, I know it can get cold here in the winter, but you could go for a bracing walk or something. You don't have to go to the pub...

Dear old blogger won't let me add any more pictures to this post, so I shall move on.