Thursday, 12 May 2016

Cowgirl in the sand

Damien Hirst said of Lucian Freud (I paraphrase), with reference to Francis Bacon, that while Freud was by far the superior painter (in a technical sense) Bacon was in every way a better artist.

I'm not going to compare Neil Young to any other technically superior guitarist (of which there are many) but listening to 'Cowgirl in the sand' made me think of Hirst's view on Freud and Bacon. Young can clearly, at this point is his career, barely play the thing. The technical is horribly clumsy. I sounds like a man with stubby fingers desperately willing his fingers to move quicker. And Young doesn't care. The solos in Cowgirl are driven with such energy and vigour that that sound, and the music, is overwhelmingly powerful.

So, "Everybody knows this is nowhere" is highly recommended. Perhaps not up there with "After the goldrush" and "Harvest" but even so...

Also, presumably everyone has seen Prince go bonkers during a rendition of "While my guitar gently weeps" at his induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but for anyone who hasn't, it is essential viewing (and obviously listening) for anyone, who (like me) saw Prince primarily as a singer/songwriter/producer/madman and not particularly as a guitarist. And anyone else. It's totally insane.