Monday, 29 August 2016

With extra sprinkles

I don't understand my wife. Really, I don't. She's bought a new washing-up brush ("Ultra grip jumbo brush" by Addis (since 1780)) but the old brush still has plenty of bristles on it. I reckon there's at least a decade of wear left in it.

(As a result of this post I've discovered that Addis is a local firm.


Addis 1780Our time begins in 1780 when William Addis founded the company.
William Addis was the inventor of the toothbrush and he developed the first prototype from bone and horsehair for his personal use.
Realising the commercial potential of this everyday item production soon began in premises at Whitechapel, east London.
In 1796 production moved to larger premises and staff increased to meet demand with rent costing £34 per year.  As a result in 1840 ADDIS moves to larger premises in Radnor Street, Hoxton.

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