Thursday, 4 May 2017

Your good fortune

It's a good thing I'm not on Twitter. I have lots of inane thoughts which fit inside 140 characters. Things the internet is spared include
  • The fact that I cut through 9 spears of asparagus with a single stroke
  • My guts hurt. I think it's something I ate. Should I have dinner or just go to bed?
  • My head is full. I'm too old to listen to new music. There's enough in there already. I'm replete.
  • Jonathan's fever broke at 3.59am this morning. At 4.00pm he jumped on my head.
  • I like Rose's cafĂ© on Hoxton St, but they should have sought out a proofreader before printing their menus. I'm unsure about Monty's Deli.
  • I'm 41. I've only just found out what an 'Oxford' shoe is, and what a brogue is. (One can have Oxford brogues, though this represents a corruption of our ideals)
  • (That last one is 161 characters, which means I would have split it, which is worse)
Pointless. Bah.

1 comment:

jps said...

The world is clearly missing its next great micro-orator. And there's an LRB article (and subsequent correspondence) about brogues that will blow your mind.