Saturday, 27 August 2011

The great British Novella

So, I dug out the old notebooks. "There's bound to be something there the public want", I though to myself, "Probably enough for a novella or maybe even a collection of witty short stories".

Alas, no. It took my some time to decipher the contents, as my handwriting has, over the last decade or so, began to resemble something that pre-dates Linear A but I appear to have unearthed the following

  • A 'to-do' list from when I worked at the University of Leeds. I note th
    at most of the things to-do were not crossed out, suggesting that they in fact weren't
  • A short PERL script called "Sub random_link"
  • A long list of bands and singles. Not sure what the purpose of this was. Probably bored in a lecture
  • A large number of unfinished letters, most of which were due to be transcribed to email but never made it
  • A sudoku
  • Some fantasy cricket teams (what sort of person creates these, and what sort of person admits to this on his own blog?)
  • Matt black finish on cell lids
  • Details of the time and location of appointments from the horrible, horrible time when I was flat-hunting in London and had to meet with people who then judged whether they wanted to live with me or not

Also an airship

and a house

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sb said...

This is what all art should be like: moving, but in a relevant way.