Sunday, 23 March 2014

A lack of quality and quantity

I'm tired.

There is, occasionally, time to blog or email or tweet (whatever that is) but to commit the blunt and mundane thoughts of my tired brain to the internet does not appeal. I don't want to inflict that on anyone. Except tonight. I'll inflict it on you tonight.

So, yeah, there are a load of people I need to write to. Well, not need. There are a load of people I should write to. People I would like to communicate with. Many of whom are overseas (where not-overseas is London, England). So yes, I should record some of the fun things we've been doing (and there have been some fun things - Sensing Spaces at the RA was particularly good) and ask those people what they are up to, and tie the whole things up with some kind of salutation (or does it open with a salutation?). Did I mention that I was tired.

It's bloody impossible to buy trousers in Shoreditch. Unless you are willing to shell out over a hundred quid per pair, anyway, and even if you are stunningly flush with cash there isn't much out there. I mean, dull, dull, dull. If I want bloody chinos I'll go to The bloody Gap. I've crawled all over Shoreditch and Spitalfields today, while Kate resolutely wrangled the children (this was the quid pro quo for me doing the same last weekend while she shopped). It was a successful trip. I was a great trip (I got two complements on the jacket I was wearing). Shoppingwise it was a success too. Two jackets, three waistcoats, 2 cravats, one shirt, a belt and a t-shirt featuring Clint Eastwood, Lee Van Cleef and Eli Wallach. I couldn't resist.

But no trousers. I counted 106,754 pairs of jeans, 6,679 pairs of cargo pants, and there was a few suits around and trousers that had clearly once been part of a suit. But virtually nothing in the 'stand-alone' trouser category and absolutely nothing in a small waist size than 44". I've had this (middle class) problem in the past and have usually resorted to buying former suit trousers that I then don't like and don't wear, and resort to jeans instead. (But don't worry, good people, I'm far too cheap to spend much on clothes, so these discarded trousers haven't caused an overdraft). I have one pair of good woollen slacks, which require dry cleaning which is just another chore, and one pair of actual not-jeans-not-part-of-a-suit trousers which I wear all the time and are now falling to bits.

So yeah, no trousers today. If you do have the cash, then Mendoza on Brick Lane is the place to go. Nothing dull there. I am going to interrogate the bank balance to work out if I can afford to shell out for some trousers for Mendoza, which aren't that expensive. But it still might have to wait until after both children are in full-time education.

When both children are in full-time education we are going to be rich baby.

and hopefully a bit less tired.

(Sorry if I haven't emailed you in the last 3 years)

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