Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Goodbye Lenin / Farewell Fidel

So, Castro and Ian Paisley (Junior) shuffle off the political stage in the same week.

I'm no real fan of Fidel. Cuba isn't a basket case like Haiti, nor does it have the appalling rates of violent crime found in some other countries in the Caribbean and South America (Columbia and Jamacia spring to mind instantly, though a quick trawl indicates El Salvador topped the murder tree in 2006). Stories of healthcare and near universal adult literacy are legendary.

Nonetheless, a country that needs to lock up 70 odd political campaigners for an indefinite period and cannot allow any challenge to the status quo is bound to become economically and intellectually moribund. And what were all those Cuban troops doing in Angola?

Still, he pissed off the US, so he couldn't have been that bad, could he?

All in all, this just about sums the current situation.

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