Thursday, 2 October 2008

Lack of gravitas

Kate is reading "Our longest days", which is a collection of diary observations by British civilians during World War II. Alan Clarke's diaries may be more famous for their sexual revelations but they cover a fair bit of social territory, spanning the rise, reign and fall of Thatcher. And then there's the Pepys chap. And probably a few others, like, er, Gladstone?

I was thinking this as I rode through Battersea Park this morning. That's an unusual thought for me, because on an ordinary day I'll either be thinking about what happened in the football last night, different permutations of English cricket selections with imaginary future Test performances, or work. I try to save introspection for when I'm part-drunk.

I digress. The question which was bugging me was does this blog, or indeed the act of blogging, tell people anything about society? Is it of its time? Does it mean anything? Should it? Does the fact that it doesn't mean it's worthless?

Then I wondered, "Does anybody care?". Having arrived at the answer, I went back to thinking about cricket teams, without a worry in the world.

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