Tuesday, 21 October 2008

What did you do in the Great War, Daddy?

In these parts, we very occasionally stray into the political. It's a broad church, unlike Nick Robinson, who never (to my knowledge) strays from the political towards film reviews.

Domestic politics is a bit boring. I mean, one can pontificate about ABSOs all day long.
"Too many? Not enough?" Or whinge about taxes and the state of the NHS. It's a bit parochial.

International stuff, like wars and diactators and things like that is far more my style. Makes a man feel glad to be alive (and living a long way away from wars and dictators).

A Global Financial Crisis with capital letters all of its own should be just the thing for a blog entry. The epic scale! The grandeur! The easy targets for scorn.

I shall (thankfully) resist the tempatation. The 'crisis' has certainly reinforced the already well recognised fact that nobody actually knows anything. I'm not talking about the bankers here (though I'm a little confused as to how they didn't know what they were buying. When I buy a pie, it's, er, a pie). And it is faintly amusing to see the politicans desperately googling "YOUR NAME HERE + regulation" to find out if they ever mentioned the word in the past, so they can yelp "I told you so!"

but I disgress, as usual.

The people who are really getting my goat are the pundits. "Thought for the day" has been particularly aflicted, since none of the thinkers can possible resist the temptation to have a pop at "greed" as if this means anything.

I haven't got a bloody clue how the financial system works, and you can bet your pension (ooops) that the Bishop of Lansbury-Hickson doesn't either. If he did, I think he'd have something a triffle more intelligent to say than "and as the current financial crisis shows, the era of greed is over". Blimey! How incisive!

I've yet to see or hear a single intelligent thing said about the current crisis, and the paradox is that if such a thing exists I wouldn't recognise it, because I just don't bloody know how it all works.

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