Saturday, 25 October 2008

A man of meat

I am the world's least convincing vegetarian, as anyone who's traveled overseas with me will testify. I do try to avoid meat when I'm in the UK, and I usually succeed, but when I'm abroad I want to sample the local cuisine, and unless abroad happens to be Greece, Italy or Turkey (or, I imagine, India), the local cuisine tends to be meat based. Kate and I are off to Poznan in December. Unlikely to be a vast array of exciting vegetable dishes on offer.

Anyway, yesterday was a special, extremely meaty, occasion. I'd been promising to take Kate to St John, which is somewhere I wanted to go in any case.

It was utterly incredible. Fergus Henderson, who launched the restaurant, is famous for being an great chef, and also for using a lot of offal and other uncommon animal parts. I didn't even know that chitterlings were pigs intestines until yesterday, and I certainly didn't think they could taste so bloody incredible. Talk about falling off the wagon.

Deep fried tripe was a bit of a disappointment, not really tasting of much, but the pheasant and trotter pie was brilliant and the Eccles cake and Lancashire cheese finished things off nicely.

Can't recommend the place highly enough. It's wonderful.


Robin said...

Did you know I ate a rabbit? It is true, as Pete is my witness.

Silk said...

I ate a rabbit in Barcelona. I have a picture somewhere. I'll post it.