Monday, 14 December 2009

Evening all. This is still Kate guest-blogging by the way. You are not likely to hear from James for some time. In fact I will quote you a text exchange that we had a mere 30 minutes ago, at approx 11.30pm CET on Monday night:

James: " Will be here very very late"
Kate: "Hi, on train home"
James: "I love you. See you... Wednesday?"

So as you can see from the above the (remaining) negotiators are holed up in little rooms trying desperately to overcome the G77 walkout from talks, and to get something together before 100+ heads of state arrive in about 24 hours.

Meanwhile, in NGO world, I have run 3 side events in 4 days and have sleep deprivation. Also half my delegation went home over the weekend and another half arrived. This second half tried to register today, unfortunately the registration system collapsed causing a large crowd (including several of my poor little chicks) to spend 9 hours outside in freezing conditions, hemmed in by Danish police without food or water, and not even managing to get a pass at the end of it. This is before we even go into the NGO secondary pass system (the 'tickets' I mentioned in previous posts) which starts tomorrow and could hardly cause any more chaos than already exists.

Gordon Brown has decided to fly in early which is probably a good thing given the state things are in. A minor side effect is that due to the need to screen the UK delegation hotel for (bugs? bombs?) James has been shunted out to Malmo. Yes, that is in a different country. We dithered about whether to move into some of my organisation's accommodation in outer Copenhagen instead (there's a spare room this week) but in the end decided to go with Malmo since the commute is actually not that different. Oddly, Sweden is a lot cheaper than Denmark. We suspect that office workers take the train out here at lunchtime to buy their sandwiches.

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